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About Us

About Us

Sincerity Ruqyah Centre is an islamic establishment that was founded in the year 2022, located in streatham, south west London. It was founded by a highly respected and renowned IMAM Abdulqadir, a true leader who has been serving the Muslim community in the United Kingdom for the past ten years. With his extensive experience serving as IMAM and Raqi, IMAM Abdulqadir has been tirelessly seeking to heal all aspects of spiritual and non-spiritual illnesses by the power of Quran and Dua. It is worth mentioning that Sincerity Ruqya Centre has recorded high success rates of healing during the first session of Ruqyah, and Alhamdulilah as a result, we are favoured by many customers who have benefited from our unique yet powerful Ruqyah and Hijjamah/Cupping Method. For those who want more reassurance, feel free to check out our five stars customer reviews on Google.

At Sincerity Ruqyah our biggest values are

At Sincerity Ruqyah We Aim To Deliver Our Ruqyah With Sincerity And Utmost Care

During the period that we have been open we thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to serve hundreds of Ruqyah patients from all over the UK and maintaining 5* Reviews on all platforms.

We ask Allah to grant us tawfeeq in this project and accept it from us. AAMEEN

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